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The Compass and The Hold

About The Compass

The Compass is Part One of my upcoming, stand-alone "midquel" to The Catch, but it is not a romance novel. There are no HEAs or HFNs. So why read it? 


  • A few scenes revisit the events of The Catch, but from William’s perspective.

  • It includes a few scenes I deleted from The Catch. They work beautifully here as flashbacks, giving context to why he makes the choices he does in The Compass.

  • It introduces a new character who will play a major role in The Hold, my upcoming sequel to The Catch.

  • It includes beautiful flashback scenes, showing his relationship with his grandmother, parents, and sister, and giving you more insight into William as a character.

  • It contains a ton of hilarious, joyful, tender, and poignant scenes to go along with the heavier themes.

  • It shows how and why William got his compass tattoo.

  • Part Two, the upcoming follow-up to The Compass, will be called The Mermaid, will show what happened to William in Alaska, and will explain how and why he got his mermaid tattoo. The Mermaid will release later in 2024.

  • I am so proud of The Compass!! I think this is some of my best writing ever, and I can’t wait to share it with you and the world!

Here's the blurb:

It’s 1995, and twenty-year-old William Quinn is unmoored. His quest for relief after a breakup reunites him with Serafima “Haze” Temkina, a mysterious older woman who’s already played a pivotal role in his life on two separate occasions. Although their friendship promises a foothold, new temptations abound from unexpected quarters. William soon discovers he’s losing his already-tenuous grip on himself, his values, and his mental health. But after his downward spiral costs him nearly everything, can his oldest friend still be the one to guide him to redemption?



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About The Hold

The Hold  is my long-awaited upcoming sequel to The Catch. I'm loving what's taking shape so far, and I genuinely believe it will blow your mind! It will release in mid-2024.

Here's the blurb:


From the author of The Catch comes its long-awaited follow-up, The Hold. Equally enjoyable as a stand-alone book, The Hold tells Julia and William’s story of grown-up love and blended families in a way that’s poignant, powerful, and joyful.

Since high school, aquarist Julia Beale and whale watching captain William Quinn have been each other’s one that got away. Now a gift from the past has brought them one more chance at happily ever after.

Their bond runs deeper than ever, and their chemistry is still off the charts. But none of that matters if they can’t navigate disdainful kids, aging parents, erratic siblings, and the San Francisco housing market – all while staying afloat as small business owners. Along the way, throw in two of William’s ex-girlfriends – one whose son plays a huge role in William’s life, and another Julia sees at work every week. Stir in an ex-husband on the rebound, and garnish with a major move.

It’s enough to test the strongest of bonds, so when fate throws Julia and William one more curve ball, can they hold on to the trust they’ve worked so hard to rebuild?


Set in 2012, The Hold is perfect for readers who can relate to life’s shades of gray. It celebrates the full humanity of humans with two X chromosomes – even when they’re moms staring down the barrel of middle age. Fans of It Starts With Us (Colleen Hoover’s sequel to It Ends With Us) and The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren will enjoy The Hold.


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COMING IN 2024...

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