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I'm a neurospicy author of contemporary romace and literary fiction. An avid writer since I first picked up a crayon, I'm a Texas native who still says y’all despite living in California since 2008. 

I write the kind of stories I love to read:  quirky tales that touch and break your heart, crack you up, make you think, and occasionally infuriate you. Often all at once. My characters are flawed, yet deeply relatable to anyone who's "been there, done that, burned the tee-shirt."

In the Romance department, I'm a sucker for a love story with a sweet cinnamon roll MMC. You won't find any alpha males here, but my recipe always includes a fair helping of angst and a few shakes of open-door spice. Check out my San Francisco second chance romance, The Catch.

In the Literary Fiction department, I love to explore complex family dynamics over generations, along with themes of transformation and redemption – always served with a generous side of humor. Check out my book, The Compass.


Other themes you'll find in my writing are mental health and neurodiversity, feminism and misogyny, racism and classism, LGBTQIA+ themes, and spirituality. 


I have bachelor's degrees in English composition, French, and Clinical Nutrition. Prior to having a midlife crisis, piercing my nose, and quitting to be a writer, I provided nutrition counseling to people living with HIV. When I'm not dreaming up the next drama for my fictional characters, my husband and I stay busy improvising voices for our cats and unintentionally embarrassing our three daughters.

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