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Second Edition and Sequels - Coming Soon!

The upcoming SECOND EDITION of The Catch...

I’m thrilled to announce that in the next few weeks, I'll be releasing the second edition of my contemporary second-chance romance novel, The Catch! The story content (manuscript) will be identical, but it will have a refreshed cover with a new back cover blurb.

Why am I releasing a second edition? Because I intend to market it more heavily as I work my way toward releasing the TWO (that’s right, TWO) sequels to The Catch!

The upcoming sequels...

The first sequel is really more of a “midquel” of sorts. It's told from William’s perspective. It will explore the adventures that William has in Alaska, and two important friendships that he makes, just after he and Julia break up in 1995. This sequel has a tentative working title of The Compass and the Mermaid.

The other sequel is a true sequel to The Catch, and it doesn't have a working title yet. It picks up the story of Julia and William after they reconcile in 2012, and is told from Julia’s perspective.

The best way to keep up...

Be sure to subscribe to my monthly newsletter to receive the most regular, up-to-date notices on everything from the second edition of The Catch, to the sequels, to Yours Truly! Click the SUBSCRIBE button below and fill out either the contact form (be sure to keep the subscribe box checked), or just the subscribe form itself!

Get an exclusive SNEAK PEAK OF THE SEQUEL for subscribing!

For a limited time, if you subscribe to my monthly newsletter, you will receive an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEAK OF THE SEQUEL to The Catch!! HURRY because this is a limited time offer! Hit that red subscribe button above!!

Here's the kind of content you can expect from me...

Here’s some ideas I have of content you can look forward to. What would YOU like to see? 🤔 Tell me in the comments! 👇

✅ Contests and giveaways

✅ Interviews with my characters – ask Julia, William, or any character whatever you want!

✅ The inspiration behind The Catch

✅ Outtakes from The Catch and why I deleted them

✅ Sneak peaks at the sequel

✅ The real places of The Catch

✅ The people who inspired my characters

✅ How The Catch is like my life (and how it’s not)

✅ How each character is like me (and how they’re not)

✅ Question and answer sessions with me

✅ My own writing process

✅ Tips and inspiration for other writers

✅ Holiday posts 🎃 🕎 🎄 🦃 ☪️ 🐰 🍀 🇺🇸

✅ Book recommendations

✅ How I researched for The Catch

✅ Interviews with other authors

✅ Memes (I’m (in)famous for my funny meme dumps!) 🤣

✅ All About Me

✅ And more!! 😎

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A young man and woman cuddle on a sandy beach with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.
First Look -- a VERY rough, black and white mock-up of the new cover!

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