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The Catch: All the 411

Welcome to my blog about The Catch, where I appease you with info while you wait for the novel's release! Coming soon: the inspriation behind The Catch and its main characters.

But first up: the basic 411 on The Catch.

The Catch is a quirky little love story about redemption and third chances, set in San Francisco across three different periods: 1993-1995, 2006, and 2012. At first glance, it might seem to be a romance novel - the focus is squarely on the relationship between the main characters. And there is a fair amount of, shall we say, amorous content.

But The Catch also has some moral complexity that reflects real life, and makes it a better candidate for women's fiction than for romance. And it deals a lot with Julia's personal growth, which is also an element of women's fiction.

Here's the blurb from my web site:

Newly single, Julia Dunphy is back in San Francisco with her kids. Julia's new work in an aquarium shop unearths old memories of a whale watching business she once imagined, and of William Quinn, the man she imagined it with. When she learns that William has made a success of their ideas, she wonders if it's too late to finally make a success of their relationship. But Julia's already blown her first two chances at happiness with William, so a third one seems like wishful thinking. Then Julia learns that William’s family is drowning in medical bills, and she uses her prowess as a former paralegal to stick it to the insurance company. When William shows up to thank her, she dares to wonder - is a third chance with him possible, after all?

Next up: the inspiration behind The Catch! Meanwhile, if you want to know the moment I have news to share, like my Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter.

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